Fiano – January 7th, 2017

Well, hello 2017! One week in and we are onto our first wine night of the year already. Bron decided she wanted to hold a wine night before her first baby came along, so at 37 weeks pregnant she manged to pull off a great night complete with a multiple course dinner! Very impressive.

On a recent trip down south Bron had picked up a Juniper Fiano and liked it so much she decided to hold a Fiano wine night. Fiano is a white Italian grape that is more commonly grown in the Italian region of Campania and on the island of Sicily however, Australian growers are starting to put it in their vineyards due to it’s preference for warmer weather.


We had a good mix of both Australian and Italian Fianos so we decided to start with the Italian ones. The first bottle we tried was a 2014 Irpinia Fiano, Ciro Picariello. This was a really nice wine – citrusy, minerally, so smooth it was almost creamy and a lot of depth. However, with a price tag of $34 we did think it was a tad over priced.

An antipasto starter and another Italian Fiano to go with it. This time it was a Carbone Fiano 2012 Basilacata. This was really disappointing unfortunately. Fiano is an Italian grape and if anyone can do it well, it should be them but this one really didn’t live up to expectations. Stone fruits were very subtle on the nose and it had a yellowy straw-like colour. It had the same smooth creaminess of the first wine however the palate was sharper and quite acidic.

Next the Australian Fiano’s. First up was Oliver’s Taranga Fiano 2015 from McLaren Vale. We found this very similar to a Pinot Gris – simple but with a slight oiliness to it. Very underwhelming.

Mains of delicious baked chicken with lemon, olives and capers…just devine! And another Australian Fiano – a Cherubino Laissez Faire 2016 Fiano. This was lighter in colour than the others and tasted a bit like sherbet, however it still had quite a bit of citrus in it which quite a few of us found to be bordering on acidic.

The last Fiano was Bron’s Juniper 2016. It was light yellow in colour, clean, crisp and with a longer finish. While still full of citrus elements, it wasn’t as lip smackingly acidic as the others. It reminded us of a summer afternoon wine really. It did go quite well with Bron’s beautiful dessert!

Fiano’s were actually quite difficult to find in Perth so the last wine was a Barbera D’Alba D.O.C. The Barbera grape is the third most planted red grape in Italy and is known for it’s deep colour, low tannins and high acidity. The colour was a beautiful deep ruby red and the bouquet full and fruity. We found the palate to be quite the opposite of the bouquet…smooth and light with very low tannins.

While we found Fiano’s interesting, none of us were really blown away by them and for the price tag (most ranging between $30 and $35), the majority of us said we wouldn’t buy them again.

Next wine night will be Lynsey’s in mid February. In the meantime we will all be checking our phones regularly for news of Bron’s new addition!

Overall scores and feedback for the night:

Wine Score Would We Buy Again?
2014 Irpinia Fiano, Ciro Picariello 58% No
Carbone Fiano 2012 Basilacata 43% No
Oliver’s Taranga Fiano 2015 53% No
Cherubino Laissez Faire 2016 Fiano 54% No
Juniper 2016 Fiano 53% No
Barbera D’Alba D.O.C. 60% No


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